Everything You Need To Know About the NISM Exam

Everything You Need To Know About the NISM Exam

The financial market is considered the backbone of the economy of a country. In every country, whether it is a developed one or a developing nation, the economy of that particular country will have a hard time surviving without a capital market.

Thus, the role of the stock market of any country is pivotal in its daily activities. Here comes the role of NISM CertificationIf you want to build a career in a stock market, you must have adequate knowledge & education about the particular financial market. 

How to register?

To register for any course offered by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), you must create your account on the NISM website. When you create the account, remember to have a digital copy of your photo, adhaar card, and pan card with you. 

Once you are done with creating the account, select the module according to your choice. To get registered for any NISM exam, you need to select the exam date, time & centre. The next step will direct you to the payment gateway where you need to make the payment for taking the tests.

After you pay the examination fee, you will receive study material and a hall ticket in your account. Make sure to take the printout of the hall ticket and carry it with you to the examination centre on the day of the examination.

Course content

The NISM gives students study material in PDF format. The content provided covers both practical and theoretical features of financial markets. The course teaches the students with various terminologies that the students need to know for pursuing a career in the financial market.

The course teaches the following things to those interested in making a career in the financial market.

  • The program teaches the theoretical concept of mutual funds, the stock market, financial planning and so on.
  • The exam is based on multiple-choice questions.
  • The students are tested based on conceptual understanding.
  • The NISM course primarily focuses on practical understanding other than emphasizing the theory part.

The NISM examination slot can be booked at any time. You must prepare for about a month before you sit for the exam. If you are keen on clearing the exam in one go, it is recommended to take the NISM Mock Test online before sitting for the actual examination. You will find mock test papers online, so taking the mock test is an added advantage before the actual test.

Final words

If you are fresher and keen on making a career in the financial sector, taking the NISM exam is the best and ultimate option. This exam is one of the best in the industry. The certification exam is good enough to boost your career in the financial sector.

When you are looking for a job after completing graduation, this NISM exam certificate will help you to grab a job in one of the leading organization in your country. So, et registered and start preparing for the exam at the earliest.