How to choose the right chartered accountant for your business

How to choose the right chartered accountant for your business

If you’re starting or growing your business, you need to make sure that you have all the resources you need to make it successful. This can mean anything from marketing your products and services to establishing an efficient payment system to maintaining an accounting system that works for your business as it grows and changes. A chartered accountant can help with all of these things—but how do you find the right one? Follow this guide on how to choose the right north wales accountants for your business and let our experts help you make the best financial decisions for your company!

Interview the Accountant 

Hiring a full-service chartered accountant can be expensive. If you’re considering hiring an accountant and aren’t sure how much you should be paying, begin by asking around and doing some online research. You may find that hiring one will cost thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars, depending on your location and what services you need. Find out what services are included in those fees and what additional costs (such as a monthly retainer) will apply before deciding if hiring an accountant is worth it.

Look at Experience and Qualifications

When you’re looking for a good chartered accountant, ask about their experience with businesses like yours. You should also make sure they’re qualified in that specific area of accounting. For example, if you have a small retail company, you may want someone who has a lot of experience with accounting for retailers and managing taxes around selling inventory. A big-company chartered accountant isn’t necessarily going to be familiar with those issues. Be sure that whoever you hire is not only familiar with how your industry works but is also up-to-date on current trends and has any certifications they need to support their expertise.

Check Out Reviews and Online Presence

One of the best ways to find a good chartered accountant is by researching online. Check out their reviews and see if they are well-known within their industry. If they offer tax, audit or accounting services, you can then check with companies like Better Business Bureau or Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and look up any complaints. Make sure any complaints were resolved and that there is no indication that past complaints have been disregarded. Most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable with both the idea of working with someone new as well as your interactions with them in person or on the phone when getting quotes.


Because every business is different, you want to find an accounting firm that’s both a good fit for you and also can provide value. Take these tips into consideration when searching for a chartered accountant. The more thoroughly you search and take advantage of free consultations offered by most accountants, the better chance you have of finding one who understands not only what you do but what you need as well. After all, it will be in your best interest if they’re thinking long-term business, just like you are.