Complete Guide On How To Make Money By Shorting Bitcoin

Complete Guide On How To Make Money By Shorting Bitcoin

Bear markets in cryptocurrencies are feared across the industry because of the potentially enormous losses that investors could incur in a relatively short period. On the other hand, while some investors are calculating their losses during price falls, others are calculating their profits.

When it comes to short-selling cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is among the greatest options. Because of its unpredictable price changes, traders who are nimble enough to capitalize on both positive and negative market swings have a chance to make a profit. Continue reading for additional information if you are interested in learning how to short bitcoin throughout a bear market.

What Exactly Is Meant By Short Bitcoin?

To engage in short, you must first buy Bitcoin at a high price and then repurchase it at a lower price. This is the fundamental idea of the strategy.

Because a new trader may believe that the only way to make money would be to buy a crypto coin at a lesser value and then sell it once the price rises, this seems a little strange. However, shorting does work on the opposite concept of buying something at a lower price and afterward selling it once the price rises.

Borrow cryptocurrency and sell it through an exchange at the current price if you want to enter into a short bitcoin position. You may then purchase it back later and pay back the borrowed funds. Your profit will equal the difference between the amount at which you bought the asset and the price at which you sold it on the date of repayment.

Both the Long and the Short Bitcoin

Long orders and short orders are incomparably different. Buying cryptocurrency to profit from an anticipated increase in the asset’s value is known as “going long.” When you open a long position in a BTC/USDT pair, you are committing to acquire Bitcoins at a time when you believe the market is in a favorable position and sell them when the value of Bitcoin is relative to the US Dollar increases.

Establishing a short bitcoin position doesn’t necessarily indicate a transaction with a limited time horizon. Whenever an investor engages in the practice known as “shorting,” they borrow crypto to sell everything at the current market price. Whenever the value of the item decreases, the investor buys it at a lower price, at which point they refund the crypto that they borrowed and make a profit off the discrepancy.

Making Use of Contracts for Differences Concerning Bitcoin

Contracts for difference are another common strategy for shorting Bitcoin (CFD). CFDs are similar to leveraged trading in that a broker will allow you to wager on the price fluctuations of Bitcoin without necessarily requiring you to possess any Bitcoin. Because of this, the danger of retaining an asset whose value is very variable is reduced.

To trade contracts for difference (CFDs) using bitcoin, you are needed to place a portion of your available funds in your margin account. This will ensure that you can purchase the cryptocurrency just at the price at which you are putting your wager.

Because Bitcoin’s value can soar or plummet by enormous amounts in a matter of seconds or minutes, cryptocurrencies, in general, carry an inherent element of risk. Because it is difficult to accurately predict how prices will move in the future, shorting Bitcoin is typically a strategy that is utilized by more seasoned investors who are already able to make informed estimates.


The absence of a regulatory regime contributes to the high level of risk that is there. Because even the biggest futures trading platforms are not regulated, there is not much you can do to get your money back or get your investment back if things do not go according to plan.